Bangladesh Commerce Bank Ltd

Mission, vision & Corporate Priority


February 17, 2019 11:29:54 pm

TT-Clean 83.2000 TK
BC-Selling: 84.2000 TK
OD-Sight: 83.0000TK
TT-Selling: 84.1500 TK
TT-Clean: 92.5471 TK
BC-Selling: 97.0471 TK
OD-Sight: 92.3213 TK
TT-Clean: 104.8560 TK
BC-Selling: 109.3560  TK

104.5982 TK

Our Vision

To become a Bank of first choice by the customers with meaningful contributions to the society.

Our Mission

Bangladesh Commerce Bank Ltd. is committed to fulfill its customer needs and become their first choice in banking so that a sustainable growth, reasonable return and contribution to the development of the country can be ensured with a   motivated and professional work force.

Our Strategic Priorities
  • To maintain a healthy growth of business in all core activities with desired image
  • To acquire state-of –the art technologies and adopt innovative ideas for financial inclusion
  • To strengthen the risk management technique and compliance culture
  • To expand the customer base and maintain an incremental deposit & reduce the non-performing assets
  • To develop appropriate corporate governance system and culture with best practice
  • To establish relationship banking & continuously improve service quality
  • To extend banking services to all classes of people
  • To ensure environment friendly investment in line with the  “Green Banking Guideline” issued by Bangladesh Bank
  • To take effective measures to increase capital base and provision shortfall.
  • To enrich management capacity & human resources quality and develop a pro-active work force with a suitable compensation package
  • To be a trend-setter in the socio-economic development of the country