Bangladesh Commerce Bank Ltd

BCB launched remittance RIA


March 26, 2019 12:59:32 pm

TT-Clean 83.3000 TK
BC-Selling: 84.3000 TK
OD-Sight: 83.1000 TK
TT-Selling: 84.2500 TK
TT-Clean: 92.6653 TK
BC-Selling: 97.1653 TK
OD-Sight: 92.4394 TK
TT-Clean: 107.4427 TK
BC-Selling: 111.9427 TK

107.1789 TK

BCB launched new product of foreign remittance, namely RIA Financial Services. Ria was founded in 1987 and is today the third largest money transfer company in the world, with a global agent network of over 316,000 locations in 150 countries worldwide. Ria provided 11 digit pin or order number to its beneficiaries.