Bangladesh Commerce Bank Ltd

Rates & Charges


May 29, 2020 05:03:30 pm

TT-Clean 83.5000 TK
BC-Selling: 84.4500 TK
OD-Sight: 83.3000 TK
TT-Selling: 84.5000 TK
TT-Clean: 91.7317 TK
BC-Selling: 96.2317 TK
OD-Sight 91.5085 TK
TT-Clean: 103.7543 TK
BC-Selling: 108.2543 TK

103.5000 TK

General Banking Related Charges


Nature of Charges

Amount of Charge



0.15% or BDT 50.00 whichever is higher

Telephone Charge

BDT 50.00

Postage Charge

At actual or Minimum BDT 20.00

Pay order issue


For up to BDT 1000.00 commission is BDT 20.00

For up to BDT 100000.00 commission is BDT 30.00

More than BDT 100000.00 commission is BDT 50.00

More than BDT 500000.00 commission is BDT 100.00

Duplicate instrument issue

Telephone charge for postage / confirmation

At actual but minimum BDT 50.00

DD/TT/PO Cancellation

Postage/telephone charge as applicable

At actual but minimum BDT 50.00

Collection charge: Within station cheque


Service Charge

For outside the clearing area 0.15% but maximum BDT 1000.00 and minimum BDT 100.00

BDT 50.00 if returned

Actual expenses

Collection charge: Out of stateon cheque


For outside the clearing area 0.15% but maximum BDT 1000.00 and minimum BDT 100.00

BDT 50.00 if returned

Actual expenses

Standing Instruction

Postage / Telephone Charge

Actual expenses, minimum BDT 50.00

Inland Bill / Cheque Purchase


0.15% but minimum BDT 50.00 and maximum BDT 1000.00


BDT 20.00


Actual expenses, minimum BDT 50.00


From bill purchase date to proceed realization date interest is applicable at overdraft rate.



For first three months or lesser period 0.75%. Service charge BDT 1000.00 if cash margin is 100.00%.



BDT 2000.00 (excluding insurance premium) for small size locker.

BDT 2500.00 (excluding insurance premium) for medium size locker.

BDT 3500.00 (excluding insurance premium) for large size locker.

SND Account

 Closing Charges


Account Maintenance Fee  Tk. 500/-

Savings Account

Closing Charges

Tk. 300/-

Account Maintenance Fee

Nill in case of average balance Tk.5000/- Tk.300/- in case of average baalance more then Tk.5000/-

Loan processing fee (SME)

SME loan processing fee

1% on sanctioned amount

Loan appraisal fee

For new loan account and renew

0.50% on sanctioned amount but maximum BDT 400000.00 for new account and maximum BDT 5000.00 for renew.

Loan restructure & reschedule fee

BDT 1000.00

Consumer Loan

Service Charge

1% on sanctioned amount

Risk Fund

1% on sanctioned amount

BO certificate issue

BO account

For issuing BO certificate BDT 100.00

Solvency certificate issue

For any type of account

For issuing any kind of certificate BDT 200.00

Cheque book issue

Cheque book issue

Non MICR : BDT 1.00 for each leaf

MICR: BDT 5.00 for each leaf

Cheque bounce / return

Cheque bounce / return

BDT 300.00

Balance confirmation certificate issue / account statement


Charge is not applicable for issuing balance confirmation certificate half yearly but if any account holder wants certificate more than twice BDT 200.00 is applicable.


Particulars Nature of Charges Amount of Charge
Issuance of payment order/Security
Deposite Receipt
Charges   Tk. 50/-
Cancellation Charges for PO/SDR Charges   Tk. 100/-
Issuance of Duplicate PO Charges  Tk.100/- plus Stamp Charge for indemnity at actual, to be paid by the client.
Issuance of Cheque on Bangladesh Bank/Other Bank at the request of the client Charges  Tk. 200/- per instance
Collection Of cheques and Inland Bills



As per rual of BACH
Postage Recovary Actual
Standing Instruction Charges  Tk. 200/- for compliance of each instruction.
Balance Confirmation certificate Charges Free
Charges for issuance of additional Confirmation certificate Charges Tk.300/- per instance
Charges for issuance of additional Statement of all types of Deposit accounts(SB,CD,SND etc) Charges  Tk. 100/- per instance in all cases
Cheque Return on A/C of insufficient Fund Commission  Tk.300/- per instance
Transfer of Fund as per Instruction Commission  Tk. 100/- per instance
Account transfer from one branch of the bank to another at the request of account holder Charges  Tk. 200/-
Stop Payment instruction (All type of Accounts- CD,SB,SND etc) Charges  Tk. 200/- per instance
Scheme Account  A/c closing charge  Tk. 300/-
Issuance of MICR Cheque Printing Cost  Tk. 5/- per leaf
Issuance of Duplicate Instrument Charges  Tk. 200/-
Dublicate issue of FDR Charges  Tk. 300/- with obtaining indemnity bond affixed by stamp, cost to be paid by the customer.
Issuance of solvency certificate Charges  Tk. 300/- per isntance
Issuance of Guarantee Commission Tk. 1000/- for 100% cash margin
Other then 100% cash magin, 0.60%for first 90 days & 0.45% for subsequent90 days or fa
Documentation Charges (mortgage/Registration) Other then SME Charges Charges at actual on borrowers account plus service charges as under:
i)upto 5 lac : Tk.500/-
ii)above 5 lac to 25 25 lac :Tk1000/-
iii)above 25 lac to 50 lac : Tk.2000/-
iv)above 50 lac to 1 core : Tk.2500/-
v)above  1 core : Tk.3000/-
vi) For subsequent enhancement /renewal (without further registration): 50% of above pe
House Building Loan(Except staff) Loan processing free  Tk. 5000/-
service charge 1% on loan amount
Handling charge free
Documenttation charge At actual on Borrower's A/C
Early settlement free 1% on Outstanding Loan amount




Frees of Debit Card,Net Banking and SMS Alert Service:
Product Issuance Fee Half year/Annual Fee
BCB Debit Card TK.300.00+15%Vat TK.300.00+15% Vat(Annual)
BCB Net Banking TK.300.00+15%Vat TK.300.00+15% Vat(Annual)
SMS Alert Service TK.300.00+15%Vat TK.300.00+15% Vat(Half-Yearly)


CIB Enquiry Charges 

Borrower Type




Link Inquiry

(CIB sub code for allied concern & owner list)


BDT 300 + VAT


BDT 20 + VAT


BDT 300 + VAT


BDT 20 + VAT


(institution having more than one owner)

BDT 300 + VAT


BDT 20 + VAT

Partner / Director

BDT 300 + VAT/each


BDT 20 + VAT/each


Charges on BACH (Clearing)Services 

Cheque value


From client

Charges with VAT payable to BB

Charges with

VAT receivable by





but belowTk.5,00,000/-






Tk.5,00,000/- & above ( RV Clg.session)






Tk.5,00,000/- & above

(HV/Same day session)